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How to Choose a Best Web Design Agency for Your Business

Want to build your website and grow your brand awareness? Want to redesign your old website for your business? Are you fed up searching for the best web design agencies? No worries. You're in the right place to find the best design agency. Finding the right choice...

6 Questions That You Should Be Asking Your Website Designer

I'm going to⁣ be talking about six questions that you⁣ ⁣should be asking your web designer before hiring them. Now⁣⁣ we all want to do it ourselves and want⁣ ⁣to think of the idea for the business, come up with the domain name, create⁣ the website and to set up the...

Perceived Value | What Is The Cost Of Website Design?

A customer asked a web developer friend of mine how much it would cost to do a particular design project. My friend gave him a proposal: R12,000 The customer responded: That’s seems really high. My friend asked: What do you think is a reasonable price for this job?...

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