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Don’t have the capital to pay for Design Services? No problem. We design for free in exchange for a portion of company equity – Term’s & Condition’s Apply

Don’t have the capital to get up and running?

Running a business is hard… We know. What’s even harder is getting your business up on it’s feet and soaring. There are many entrepreneurs out there with revolutionary ideas that can change the world, but no one will take them seriously without any branding such as an eye-catching logo, business cards or even a working website. 

This is why we chose to introduce the Private Equity Design Plan to not only help businesses with no capital get off their feet, but to help them reach heights they could have never imagined through eye catching design along with award winning Digital Marketing to help you get off of the ground.

Businesses will deal with our Managing Director, Dieter Blom, a serial entrepreneur with knowledge spanning beyond how to create a successful company in various industries including Consulting, Digital marketing, Development, Real Estate and E-Commerce.

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