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This service is completely free, however, see why you should be having a custom logo designed below. This is the Beta Version and based on feedback, it can always be improved – Have fun!

How to get started

  1. Icon: Your logo image (may not show on some mobiles – use a computer if this is an issue)
  2. Slider (Blue Dot): Slide this left to right to choose your ideal logo size
  3. Icon Colour: Colour of icon
  4. Icon Effects:  You can choose whether to have your logo aligned to the left of above your text by clicking on “Style” under “Icon Effects”. We like to have logos aligned left when adding logos to websites or banners and having the logo above the text when using them on Letterheads, Business Cards and Social Media Profile Pictures.
  5. Main Text: Your Main logo text
  6. Main Colour: The colour of your Main Text
  7. Main Font: The font of your Main Text
  8. Offset: Shadow on Main Text and Icon
  9. Accent Text: Secondary text after your Main Text
  10. Accent Colour: Secondary text colour
  11. Accent Font: Secondary Text Font
  12. Accent Effects: i) Compliment Colour=Match Main Text colour ii) Toggle Shapes=Secondary Text Background
  13. Favicon & Logo: A favicon is what we use for website’s icons however this can be used as a social media logo. Click on “Download” and you’ll get your design in a .PNG format. PNG’s are images with transparent backgrounds that you can place over any background

Now that we’ve got that out the way… The floor’s yours!

*Mockups are for display purposes only*

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