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Posted On 10th April 2020

We’ll assume that you’re probably reading this article because you’re interested in getting a website designed. You’re probably wondering, out of all the web design companies I’ve visited so far why should I get Versys Media to design my website, right? First of all, we’re a web design company based in Sandton, South Africa and we can design a responsive, high converting website for you no matter where you live around the world. What differentiates us from most website design companies is that we don’t just build great looking websites for our clients but we aim to build websites that are both visually appealing and that drive quality traffic to your business.

Let’s take a look at what Versys Media has to offer that sets it apart. Any website design company can stick a couple of pages, images and graphics together and call it a website but ask yourself, is this what my business really needs? Is this what will turn my website visitors into new customers? Without any upfront planning and foresight, such websites usually achieve nothing at all. At Versys Media we view planning and research as being the backbone of any website’s success. Firstly we look at websites from the point of view of a salesperson because at the end the day, a website should be an asset for your business similar to an online salesperson, working 24 hours a day all year round to bring you new customers.

Our focus is not just on making your website design look great to visitors but to get web visitors who visit your website to actually take action, become leads and eventually become your paying customers. This process is known as a conversion and it is what we, at Versys Media focus on, turning your website visitors into your paying customers! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a classic brick and mortar, a vendor selling goods on the side of the road or if you’re a mechanic, doctor or dentist, people are searching for what your business has to offer and they’re doing it on the internet!

If you don’t have a presence online your competitors who own high converting websites will keep smiling all the way to the bank. You need an effective presence online, a presence that makes your visitors want to interact with your website and become your customers.

Here’s the general outline of the procedures we follow to design and build effective websites.

Firstly: Analysis of your niche and business along with how best to strategically position it online.

Secondly: Planning the general outline for your website in line with our prior analysis.

Thirdly: Implementation which involves actually designing the website and bringing the plan the life.

Fourthly: Testing the website before showing it to the world and once satisfied, deployment!

Finally, a continuous process of following up with you, the client, monitoring performance statistics, routine maintenance and website updates as well as continued compatibility testing to make sure your website looks amazing on all the devices it’s viewed on. This is known as responsive website design and it ensures that your website is compatible with the most popular website browsers and looks great on computer screens, tablets and smartphone devices.

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Written by David Hunt - Website Designer

"David is a passionate web and app developer with 15+ years of experience having worked on nearly 600 websites and apps for local and international SMEs and corporations. We're happy to have David with us as one of our lead developers"

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