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Dieter Blom

Posted On 5th August 2023

Dieter Blom is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs with remarkable growth in his professional career. He plays diverse roles such as being a business owner at Versys Media (PTY) Ltd and the Co-Founder of Novastore (PTY Ltd), as well as being a model and actor who has appeared on “Model” the TV show.

Versys Media (founded in 2017 and headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa) are on a mission to help and grow startups as well as SMEs. Versys Media boasts a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to augmenting brand presence through exceptional website designs, advanced digital marketing strategies, and adept search engine optimization. Positioned at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled creativity, the agency excels in curating top-tier digital solutions tailored for a global clientele.

In recognition of their outstanding design, development, and marketing competencies, Versys Media has secured a prominent position on the GoodFirms platform. This platform is globally acknowledged for its authentic reviews and ratings, serving as a benchmark for IT companies worldwide.

Versys was also recently awarded as one of the top web design companies in South Africa. through the Goodfirms platform

The GoodFirms team interviewed Dieter Blom, the Versys Media founder & CEO, to learn more about the company and its values.


Dieter’s Responsibilities In The Company And The Story Behind Starting Versys Media

In a recent discussion, Dieter Blom, the CEO and Founder of Versys Media, shed light on the company’s evolution. Originally launched under the moniker Dark Gravity Media, the firm underwent a transformation, emerging as Versys Media. This rebranding encapsulated a dual commitment: versatility in solutions and a systematic approach to the ever-evolving challenges of the digital business domain. Commencing operations with constrained resources and a lean marketing budget, Versys Media has managed to distinguish itself in the saturated digital sector, showcasing not just resilience, but a commitment to quality that has garnered industry respect.

Blom further highlighted that Versys Media’s trajectory hasn’t been merely about growth in numbers, but also a testament to the company’s dedication to creating profitable ventures while upholding values that facilitate efficiency and brand excellence.

On the topic of his leadership role at Versys Media, Blom elaborated on his comprehensive responsibilities. Beyond the expected duties of steering the company’s strategy, he places significant emphasis on team collaboration. It’s imperative for him that the company remains at the forefront of the digital revolution. This involves championing innovation, nurturing a culture of creativity, and continuously tailoring solutions that are in sync with clients’ specific business needs and aspirations.

Versys Media - Dieter Blom


The Company’s Business Model and how they differentiate from their competitors

Dieter Blom emphasized that while Versys Media retains an in-house development team, certain graphic design tasks are outsourced to specialists.

Dedicated to excellence, Versys Media crafts superior digital solutions underpinned by a systematic framework that invariably drives client success. This framework is rooted in both innovation and streamlined automation, consistently delivering results that surpass client anticipations. The firm’s specialized team is dedicated to producing scalable web development, intuitive UI/UX designs, and growth-centric digital marketing strategies.

By deeply understanding the unique requirements and visions of their clientele, the team adopts a holistic approach towards achieving business targets. This client-centric methodology positions Versys Media among the most coveted digital agencies on a global scale. Furthermore, their economically efficient digital solutions continually enhance the value proposition for their clients’ enterprises.

Versys Media - Dieter Blom


Industries And Services That Versys Media Excels And Offers With Excellent Customer Satisfaction And Support

Dieter provided insights into Versys Media’s focus and services. The company primarily targets the luxury market but also serves a diverse range of global industries, including real estate, food and restaurants, entertainment, and more.

The services offered by Versys Media, as mentioned by Dieter, encompass:

  • Website Development: Versys Media specializes in creating and designing websites to cater to the specific needs of their clients.
  • Digital Marketing: The company offers digital marketing solutions to help businesses reach their target audience and boost their online presence.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Versys Media employs SEO techniques to optimize clients’ websites and improve their visibility on search engine result pages.
  • Web Hosting with High-Speed, Dedicated Servers: Versys Media provides web hosting services using high-speed, dedicated servers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for their clients’ websites.

Furthermore, Dieter emphasized Versys Media’s commitment to meeting their clients’ needs. Whether handling extensive FAQs or tackling unique business requirements, the company is prepared to take on challenges with unwavering determination. Their dedication enables them to turn clients’ dreams into reality.

Customer satisfaction holds the utmost importance for Versys Media. This dedication to their clients has garnered positive feedback on various platforms, such as Google reviews and GoodFirms. These reviews not only showcase their past successes but also instill confidence and trust in prospective clients facing new business challenges.

Versys Media - Dieter Blom


Payment Structure And The Budget Requirements

Versys Media offers two types of payment structures for their clients worldwide: once-off payments and monthly payment plans.

For smaller projects, the company’s team can work efficiently and complete them at a faster pace. However, Versys Media is also experienced in handling more extensive, long-term projects that often come with tight deadlines. Despite the time constraints, the company remains dedicated to delivering high-quality services without compromising on the standard of work.

During the year 2022, Versys Media undertook a diverse range of projects with varying price ranges. The projects ranged from a minimum price of $200 to a maximum of $10,000. The company’s budget requirements for each project depend on the nature of the project itself and the amount of time and effort dedicated to its completion.

By offering flexible payment structures and accommodating both small and large-scale projects, Versys Media aims to meet the needs of a broad clientele while maintaining a reputation for delivering excellent results regardless of project size or complexity.


Versys’s Vision

Dieter shared Versys Media’s vision for the upcoming years, highlighting the company’s position as a global leader in the digital space. The company is committed to driving innovation and establishing new benchmarks within the IT industry. Their dedication to out-of-the-box thinking will persist, with a focus on continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction and add value to brands through exceptional web development, design, and marketing services on a global scale.

Furthermore, Dieter emphasized Versys Media’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology-based innovation. The company aims to foster collaboration within the business landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to bring about positive change and empowerment. Through their endeavors, they aspire to inspire others to contribute to making the world a better place.

In summary, Versys Media’s vision revolves around remaining a frontrunner in the digital domain, fostering creativity and customer-centric solutions, while also using technology and collaboration to drive meaningful impact and create a positive influence on a global scale.

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